A Step-by-Step Guide to Unlock Catalytic Africa Fund in 3 Weeks

We are pleased to release a Catalytic Africa platform Guide. This guide outlines the steps to unlock Catalytic Africa Matching funds. We invite Hub, Startups, Angel Networks, and Angel Investors to take a quick look. 

Startups, Hubs, Angel Networks, and Angel Investors – to learn quickly how to register on Catalytic Africa platform, visit: https://catalytic-africa.com/docs/registration-startup-and-innovation-hub/

Only the Angel network can apply for Catalytic Africa Matching funds once the individual investors, the startup, and its affiliated hub are all registered on the platform. 

To apply for the Catalytic Africa Matching fund, Angel Networks can follow these steps: https://catalytic-africa.com/docs/matching-fund-application/. It should take approximately 20 minutes or less to complete your application. 

The Guide also covers KYC, Disbursement, and Reporting. You can have access to the Guide here; https://catalytic-africa.com/docs/


Fadilah Tchoumba

Secretariat General, ABAN