ITOT Africa Unlocks 54,000 Euros from the Catalytic Africa Matching Fund

DRC-based startup, ITOT Africa,  unlocked 54,000 Euros in matching funds from Catalytic Africa in July 2023, matching an investment made into the startup by DRC Impact Angels. This makes ITOT Africa the second startup in the region to receive co-investment from Catalytic Africa.

ITOT Africa, incubated by Centre d’innovation de Lumbashi (CINOLU), is a leading pan-African Ed-tech start-up based in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo, that offers training, digital educational tools, and other IT consulting services to corporates, SMEs, NGOs, and individual entrepreneurs.

“This investment will create an avenue for us to venture into a new market such as Kolwezi, which is the largest mining city in DRC. With this new expansion, we will be able to offer training, digital, and coding business services to the local ecosystem, including mining companies and international clients with operations in the city. Moreover, we will now be able to strengthen our core product offering through Okademy,” said Samy Mwamba, Co-founder of ITOT Africa.

With the unlocked matching funds from Catalytic Africa, ITOT Africa continues on a journey to advancing its on-demand training services in other cities in DRC and democratizing knowledge access in DRC.

“Co-investing with DRC Impact Angels to support ITOT Africa is an exciting move for us and we are excited to amplify the need for diversified education systems across the continent – which has prompted an opportunity for growth for EdTech startups like ITOT Africa. Supporting the national growth of startups such ITOT Africa, which has demonstrated the ability to create value for diverse customer bases is a remarkable achievement.” Fadilah Tchoumba, Catalytic Africa Fund Manager

The funding is the second co-investment done by Catalytic Africa into DRC Congo – another testimony of the influence of the DRC Impact Angels as well as robust operational and financial performance in the country.

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