How Mosmos Secured 60,000 Euros from Catalytic Africa

Kenyan-based startup, Mosmos, has unlocked 60,000 Euros worth of matching funding from Catalytic Africa through an investment from the Nairobi Business Angel Network (NaiBAN). Antler East Africa was instrumental in supporting the investment made by NaiBAN, which unlocked the funding from Catalytic Africa.

“We were thrilled to have co-invested with NaiBAN in Mosmos and support the growth of this innovative startup. Their commitment to providing inclusive financial services is inspiring, and we look forward to seeing their impact grow. Co-investing with ABAN’s accredited angel network members such as NaiBAN through Catalytic Africa spreads the risks associated with investing in African Startups and it is a great way to support the growth and development of the African startup ecosystem that can attract more capital, talent, and innovation to the continent.” Fadilah Tchoumba, Catalytic Africa Fund Manager.

Mosmos is a Save-to-Buy platform that enables customers to save for items they want to purchase without additional interest and has over the years grown to over 70,000 customers across Kenya. Through its Save-to-Buy model, Mosmos aims to bridge the affordability gap by enabling customers to save in a manner that matches their income patterns by rewarding customers for saving consistently and completing their goals.

Fueled by continued innovation and steady growth, Mosmos looks forward to further expanding their reach and building the home of goal-based savings in Africa. Catch the complete interview with the startup’s Co-founder, Juliet Shiro Njoroge, right here!