Egyptian Startup, TileGreen, Unlocks 60k Euros from Catalytic Africa

We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to TileGreen for successfully unlocking 60,000 Euros in matching funds through an investment from Alexandria Business Angels Network, (a proud member of Africa Business Angel Network). This matching fund acquisition by this startup is a monumental achievement that marks a significant milestone for TileGreen, reflecting its dedication to innovation and sustainability in the construction industry.

About TileGreen

TileGreen is an Egyptian startup that innovates technologies to make concrete-alternative, premium, and carbon-negative building materials from plastic waste. Through its patent-pending technology, the startup virtually recycles all types of plastic waste into more than 40 types of building products, replacing many cement alternatives, preventing carbon emissions, and preventing plastic landfilling, hence adding environmental, functional, and financial values to the market.

TileGreen’s groundbreaking work in innovating technologies to produce concrete-alternative, premium, and carbon-negative building materials from plastic waste is truly commendable and by addressing the pressing issue of plastic pollution while simultaneously providing eco-friendly alternatives for the construction sector, TileGreen is paving the way for a more sustainable future.

This investment not only validates TileGreen’s vision and potential but also underscores the importance of supporting startups that are driving positive change in our communities and beyond. We believe that TileGreen’s innovative solutions have the power to revolutionize the construction industry and significantly reduce its environmental footprint.

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we look forward to witnessing TileGreen’s continued growth and impact in the years to come. We remain committed to supporting visionary startups like TileGreen that are dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the world.