Celebrating Female Founders Driving Innovation and Impact Across Africa

From groundbreaking tech startups to sustainable multi-faceted ventures, Female Founders are leading the charge in driving innovation and impact across diverse industries in Africa. Their unwavering determination, creative ingenuity, and visionary leadership are reshaping communities, fostering economic growth, and inspiring positive change.

Echoing the United Nations theme for this year, ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’, we envision a future dedicated to combating economic disempowerment and fostering inclusion. This year’s campaign theme, ‘Inspires Inclusion‘, underscores the critical role of inclusivity in advancing gender equality and creating opportunities for all.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s paramount to acknowledge the remarkable contributions of the women in the #CatalyticAfricaPortfolio. They embody the essence of entrepreneurship, resilience, and creativity, serving as inspiring role models for aspiring female leaders. Through this campaign, we highlight the significance of diversity and empowerment in driving societal progress.

We engaged with a few of our exceptional female startup founders – here’s their take on how their companies are revolutionizing the startup ecosystem in Africa and beyond:

Rivuuz is definitely shaping the future of innovation and entrepreneurship across Africa and the diaspora. Innovation is at the heart of Rivuuz. We’re revolutionizing the construction industry across Africa and the diaspora by simplifying the home construction experience. Through our streamlined processes and expert management, we’re shaping a future where construction projects are efficient, transparent, and accessible to all.” Michelle Chimuka, Founder/CEO – Rivuuz (Lusaka, Zambia)

Koloso is building an Edtech product fit for the African continental market because we truly understand the educational needs in Africa and we are coming up with a truly scalable Edtech product for the continent.” Petra Chikasa – CEO, Koloso (Lusaka, Zambia)

Mosmos is making saving money more accessible and tailored to individual goals, thereby addressing the existing gap where traditional saving solutions do not meet the customer’s financial needs. We are leveraging technology to simplify the saving process, providing features like goal tracking, and even interest or rewards to incentivize saving as we also enable merchants to provide an alternative payment method to their customers hence improving sales and conversion.” Shiro Njoroge – Co-founder and Head of Growth, Mosmos (Nairobi, Kenya)

 “Koree is not only revolutionizing retail payment, but we are also empowering millions of consumers. Koree adopts an inclusive approach, catering to consumers and merchants, fostering entrepreneurship by prioritizing local businesses, small and medium enterprises, and women-led businesses.”Magalie Gauze-Sanga , CEO of Koree (Douala, Cameroon)

We are pioneering the future of innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa by revolutionizing real estate data analytics and valuation management, empowering businesses with unparalleled insights for strategic decision-making.” Sethebe Manake – CEO, GoSmartValue (Botswana)

At Catalytic Africa, we are dedicated to creating an environment where all entrepreneurs, regardless of gender, have equal opportunities to thrive and succeed. We are committed to supporting and empowering Africa’s Female Founders as they navigate the entrepreneurial landscape, overcome challenges, and seize growth opportunities across Africa and the Diaspora.

Together, let us unite to champion diversity, equality, and inclusion in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, forging a path towards a brighter, more inclusive future for all.